Yes! I have a budget done for us

I had stated in a previous email a few weeks back that I wanted to put about $125/month toward a hurricane evacuation envelope. We have never had one before but I thought I wanted to do this. Since then dh and I have been talking about what is left on our house. We owe about $58,000 left on the principle. We pay more than twice the principle and interest each month, in addition to the escrow for insurance and taxes.

I am even more anxious than before to get this paid down. It is our last debt. We took DR’s FPU back in 2008 and we have not taken on any more debt except when we moved to this house — we took out a mortgage for about 1/2 the price we paid and one time we took online payday loans no credit check. We sold our previous house and after all selling costs, we applied the proceeds to this house’s purchase price. Our old house had appreciated pretty good over the 11 years we lived there.

Now I just want it all gone. I am thinking about taking any thing we have left at the end of the month from our envelopes and applying it to our mortgage. When I say our envelopes I mean for groceries, Wal-mart, restaurant, entertainment, etc. I do NOT mean envelopes for sinking funds such as roof replacement, car repairs, etc.

After filling our envelopes and paying all bills (insurance, utilities, etc.) we currently have just over $100 left. This money could go to anything. I am so anxious to get the house paid off I am probably going to put it toward the house ….. pending dh’s approval.

When we get the house paid off it will free up about $1400/month based on what we currently pay. I am paying more than that but I will have to put some back for insurance and taxes each month. There is a lot we can do with about $1400/month.

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