If you stick to a budget and have the money for entertainment

I wouldn’t worry too much. but here is something funny in a slightly opposite mode. We have a plenty of money, but I still tend to be cheap. We went to Vegas for a few days and we rented a car for basically two days. Well, I didn’t want to keep the car overnight at the hotel because it was going to be another $15 in overnight parking plus another $20 in fees. So since we were at Mandalay Bay, which is practically at the airport (3 miles away), we dropped off the car early and walked (we needed the excercise) 3 miles from the rental car center. The funny part was the hotel ended up comping the parking because my wife was there for a large meeting. But just because I have the money, doesn’t mean you need to waste it. I did drop $100 at blackjack, but the wife made $30 at slots. There is no right or wrong answer, but as long as you don’t get out of control, relax a bit.

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