Month: January 2017

Just wanted to ask if you are still using the grocery tracker app?

I use it every week thanks to you! I was just wondering how you keep track of prices of items that are different sizes? For example: one week I buy the 5lb bag of dog food and then another week I might find it less expensive in the 25lb bag. But I want to compare my lowest price per pound on my 5lb bag to the sale price on the 25lb bag, but I only have one price on “dry dog food” in my grocery tracker. Not sure I want to add the same item multiple times in the tracker based on brand, size or store.
Any ideas on how to tweak the app to make it work better for price comparisons?

FYI Super 1 Foods having some great deals in their caselot sale:

1# bag of rice .50/bag, must buy case=$6;
case of pinto beans $7 (1# bags = .52/ bag);
case of rotini or penne pasta $9, (1# box= .75/box);
Mac and cheese case $6 (.50/box).
spaghetti sauce $9 (.75/can)

If you missed the Aldi’s sale for tomatoes and tomato sauce the case sale at S1 isn’t a bad price just 6-8 cents more than “you could have paid” but way less than you WILL pay

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I was born in Texas and all my family still lives there

Yes, you have correctly accessed both Texas and the election. I did not vote. I can’t believe I did not vote. I intended to write in a name but just couldn’t see the point. But you know what? The sun will still come up tomorrow no matter who wins. I have not been to Texas in many years. It was great to grow up there. I was born in Corpus but my family is spread all over Texas.