Yes! I have a budget done for us

I had stated in a previous email a few weeks back that I wanted to put about $125/month toward a hurricane evacuation envelope. We have never had one before but I thought I wanted to do this. Since then dh and I have been talking about what is left on our house. We owe about $58,000 left on the principle. We pay more than twice the principle and interest each month, in addition to the escrow for insurance and taxes.

I am even more anxious than before to get this paid down. It is our last debt. We took DR’s FPU back in 2008 and we have not taken on any more debt except when we moved to this house — we took out a mortgage for about 1/2 the price we paid and one time we took online payday loans no credit check. We sold our previous house and after all selling costs, we applied the proceeds to this house’s purchase price. Our old house had appreciated pretty good over the 11 years we lived there.

Now I just want it all gone. I am thinking about taking any thing we have left at the end of the month from our envelopes and applying it to our mortgage. When I say our envelopes I mean for groceries, Wal-mart, restaurant, entertainment, etc. I do NOT mean envelopes for sinking funds such as roof replacement, car repairs, etc.

After filling our envelopes and paying all bills (insurance, utilities, etc.) we currently have just over $100 left. This money could go to anything. I am so anxious to get the house paid off I am probably going to put it toward the house ….. pending dh’s approval.

When we get the house paid off it will free up about $1400/month based on what we currently pay. I am paying more than that but I will have to put some back for insurance and taxes each month. There is a lot we can do with about $1400/month.

Aldi’s sale

YMMV but my Aldi’s has 1# baby carrots on sale for .49/bag. 1# fits exactly in a quart canning jar, processed 11 psi 30 min. Pints are 25 min.

Easiest canning you will ever do: no peeling no chopping, 1:1 measuring. You don’t have to buy a full box but if you do, there are 24 bags in a box which is conveniently two full canning jar cases (easy stack and store.)

Also 14.5oz tomatoes and also kidney beans are on sale for .49/can

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Just wanted to ask if you are still using the grocery tracker app?

I use it every week thanks to you! I was just wondering how you keep track of prices of items that are different sizes? For example: one week I buy the 5lb bag of dog food and then another week I might find it less expensive in the 25lb bag. But I want to compare my lowest price per pound on my 5lb bag to the sale price on the 25lb bag, but I only have one price on “dry dog food” in my grocery tracker. Not sure I want to add the same item multiple times in the tracker based on brand, size or store.
Any ideas on how to tweak the app to make it work better for price comparisons?

FYI Super 1 Foods having some great deals in their caselot sale:

1# bag of rice .50/bag, must buy case=$6;
case of pinto beans $7 (1# bags = .52/ bag);
case of rotini or penne pasta $9, (1# box= .75/box);
Mac and cheese case $6 (.50/box).
spaghetti sauce $9 (.75/can)

If you missed the Aldi’s sale for tomatoes and tomato sauce the case sale at S1 isn’t a bad price just 6-8 cents more than “you could have paid” but way less than you WILL pay

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I was born in Texas and all my family still lives there

Yes, you have correctly accessed both Texas and the election. I did not vote. I can’t believe I did not vote. I intended to write in a name but just couldn’t see the point. But you know what? The sun will still come up tomorrow no matter who wins. I have not been to Texas in many years. It was great to grow up there. I was born in Corpus but my family is spread all over Texas.

Thanks, Sallie

I think what I was trying to say was that I had my priorities wrong. Just because it’s in the budget doesn’t mean that I should spend it when I have focused too much on myself and my selfish, lazy ways.
Much of my budget included luxuries for myself and then I would say there wasn’t enough this month to save. I was buying convenience food so I didn’t have to cook as much. Dining out was too high, having a housekeeper, etc.
I needed to refocus and reflect on why we never have enough money for savings. It became clear when I realized that when ever we got extra money, I just increased the amount of spending on those items that made my life easier.
Reflecting on my selfishness is tough and actually putting constraints on myself and sticking to it, even harder.
One day at a time……

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I meant to respond to this earlier, but here goes

If you are making a regular budget (monthly, or weekly, or biweekly) and you are paying your bills, following the baby steps, and so on …. then there is nothing wrong enjoying a little entertainment now and then. Of course, any thing can blow the budget if it’s not accounted for, or if it goes to the extreme and pulls $$ from bills that should be paid first. Moderation in everything, including some entertainment.

If you stick to a budget and have the money for entertainment

I wouldn’t worry too much. but here is something funny in a slightly opposite mode. We have a plenty of money, but I still tend to be cheap. We went to Vegas for a few days and we rented a car for basically two days. Well, I didn’t want to keep the car overnight at the hotel because it was going to be another $15 in overnight parking plus another $20 in fees. So since we were at Mandalay Bay, which is practically at the airport (3 miles away), we dropped off the car early and walked (we needed the excercise) 3 miles from the rental car center. The funny part was the hotel ended up comping the parking because my wife was there for a large meeting. But just because I have the money, doesn’t mean you need to waste it. I did drop $100 at blackjack, but the wife made $30 at slots. There is no right or wrong answer, but as long as you don’t get out of control, relax a bit.

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Spending categories

I’m starting to feel real guilty everytime I spend entertainment or needs money. I look at each purchase and think maybe I shouldn’t have bought this. If I have to buy razors I realize it that’s a need but if I throw in an extra bottle of soap then I feel guilty for spending that money.
If I was putting enough money into the college savings accounts and paying off medical bills then I probably wouldn’t feel so guilty.
I keep saying to myself that I don’t have enough money to pay for college savings or medical bills, but then I go out and spend $40 at the pumpkin patch for my kids this weekend.
I realize that I have my priorities screwed up. Maybe just the fact that I admit that I have a problem will make me change my spending habits.

Would love to discuss all of your thoughts about this issue and if you struggle with the same things.

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Food for thought

If you haven’t paid off your revolving credit card debt yet you might want to, plus if your mortgage isn’t a fixed rate you might want to acquire a fixed mortgage. Why you ask? Because IF the new president does manage to improve our economy and improve your chances for a job. A big IF I know, but still something to consider. It is very likely the prime interest rate will go up, so the interest rate for those types of accounts will go up.

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